Purpose of the system

This system is designed to provide combat training for troops and for testing air defence systems.  The E17MT aerial target simulates maneuverable targets such as RPVs, gliding guided aerial bombs, cruise missiles, and select planes and helicopters of tactical and army aviation.


Technical characteristics of the E17MT aerial target

Flight altitude, m 50 to 4,000
Operating range, km up to 70
Maximum level flight speed, km/h up to 360
Flight duration, min 60
Navigation GPS/GLONASS
Payload* Luneberg lens or corner reflector, pyro tracers, IR traps
Engine turbojet
Fuel type kerosene
Available manoeuvres dive, pull-up, S-turn
Take-off weight, kg 75
Length, m 2.43
Wingspan, m 3.4
Fuselage diameter, m 0.25

* Payload:

Luneberg lens — effective dispersion surface 7-8 m².

Corner reflector — effective dispersion surface 0.8-1.2 m²

Without supplementary means of increasing the EDS, the dispersion surface is 0.15 m².