Model Aircraft – ЭНИКС

Aircraft modelling is a technical sport where participants compete in the design and manufacture of aircraft models (gliders, airplanes, helicopters, etc.) and in the in-flight control of these models in terms of speed, range, flight duration and aerobatics. Both adult and junior athletes take part in the competitions.

JSC ENICS supports and sponsors six aircraft modelling clubs in the Republic of Tatarstan.

The first aircraft modeling competition took place in the Kainki village in 2017 and since that time performs annually.

The grounds for various categories of the competition were prepared and adequately stocked near the Centre for Aircraft Modelling and Training of UAV Pilots:

F1 Category free-flying models
F1A model gliders
F1B rubber-engine model aircraft
F1C timer model aircraft
F1D indoor model aircraft
F1E model gliders with automatic control for flights from slopes
F1G small-scale rubber-engine model aircraft
F1H мsmall-scale model gliders
F1J small-scale timer model aircraft
F1K CO2-powered model aircraft
F1L indoor model aircraft with a developed (> 50%) stabiliser (EZB model)
F1M indoor model aircraft for beginners
F1N indoor hand-launched model gliders
F1P junior league timer model aircraft
F-2 Category line model aircraft
F2A high-speed models
F2B aerobatic models
F2C racing models
F2E air combat models with carburated compression engines
F2F racing models with contoured fuselage
F2G electric high-speed models
F-3 radio controlled models
F3A model aerobatic planes
F3B model gliders (triple challenge: flight duration, speed at base, number of base passes)
F3C model helicopters
F3D model racing planes
F3U racing quad-copter models
F3F model gliders for soaring in dynamic streams (“mountain gliders”)
F3G motorised model gliders
F3H model gliders for fixed-route flights
F3I model gliders with tow aircraft launch
F3J model gliders for sustained flights in thermal flows
F3K hand-launched model gliders
F3L lighter-than-air model aircraft (balloons, blimps)
F3P aerobatic model aircraft for indoor flights (“hall aerobatics”)

Accomodation for competitors are available at the Centre for Aircraft Modelling and Training of Auxiliary UAV Pilots:

  • Cafeteria;
  • 12 single rooms with all amenities;
  • 15 double rooms;
  • 2 townhouses for higher-ups;
  • Hangar for the aircraft;
  • Garage with the necessary machinery for picking up the UAVs (boat, quadbike, snowmobile);
  • Sports ground;
  • Banya (Russian sauna);
  • The complex comprises six double rooms.

To sign up for the competition, the participants should download the application form, fill it out and email the completed application form and a scan (or a high-quality photo) of their ID to:

If you have any questions about the organisation of the event, contact Yuri Nikiforov on +7 917 866 86 56