Training Centre – ЭНИКС

For proper training of law enforcement agencies UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) systems pilots, JSK ENICS built an Aircraft Modeling and Training Center in 2016 at its own expenses in the Kainki village that has no analogue by now. To date, the centre has no equivalents in Russia.

The centre provides:

– Training for pilots of UAV for special services, the Interior Ministry, and the Ministry of Defence;

– Testing for company products/

On its basis platform for the Republic of Tatarstan business activity monitoring is being formed with the UAVs

The centre is equipped with all needs for simultaneous training of a group of up to 12 cadets:

  • Classroom;
  • Control tower;
  • Cafeteria;
  • 12 single rooms with all amenities;
  • 2 townhouses for higher-ups;
  • Hangar for the aircraft;
  • Garage with the necessary machinery for picking up the UAVs (boat, quadbike, snowmobile);
  • Sports ground;
  • Sauna.

Theory lessons are held in classrooms with specialised equipment. Applied skills are put into practice at the training ground adjacent to the centre.

All teachers have undergone training and have an advanced training diploma.

The basic traineeship price is negotiable. An advanced course is available for a extra fee. On graduating, every pilot who passed the exams receives a certificate: “Pilot of UAV Ground Controls” and/or “Operator of Ground-Based UAV Launchers”.

To date, more than 100 people have trained at and graduated from the centre.